03 June 2013

Enzoani 2013 Fashion Event

We are so excited to be in Newport Beach, California for the Enzoani 2013 Fashion Event :: Take Flight. Last night we were pampered in the Pilot's Lounge with manicures, martinis and massages! This morning Enzoani hosted a lovely breakfast in the Rose Garden where we met store owners from Florida, Toronto and Arkansas, followed by a wonderful presentation by Sonny Ganguly of WeddingWire. This evening is the main event :: the Runway Show featuring a first class presentation of the new collection. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see updates throughout the evening!

::Leigh and Jordan::


27 May 2013

$500 toward local wedding photographer packages!


24 May 2013

The Fab Five

Te Amo Ti Adoro
1. 20737 Necklace
This statement necklace is much more of a piece that you find at vintage jewelers than a bridal shop, but I am thrilled that I finally found a designer who makes jewelry that could have been worn at Gatsby's mansion! This Sterling Silver and Swarovski crystal necklace sparkles like no other and even has subtle pearl accents to bring in a traditional twist. Pair this with a satin mermaid gown and large crystal studs (like the blush ones below) and it will be the piece that everyone is talking about.
2. 11607 Earrings
This delicate blush crystal stone surrounded by silver crystal halo are encased in gold for a stunning sparkle that is warm and elegant. Large enough to catch your eye, but still subtle enough that it won't compete with your hair piece or necklace, these are the perfect accent to a beautiful diamond necklace or slip them on for a date night after the wedding with the hubs. The large center stone comes in a classic diamond, but I love the blush hue…just because.  
3. HP749 Hair Piece
Sometimes, a really amazing hair piece comes along and you will never be the same. This is that hair piece. Done in silver on an ornate, filigree style comb, this vintage inspired brooch has large Swarovski crystals, pearl and silver accents. Use it to pull up your half up do or use it as a brooch on your sash as you walk down the aisle and then switch it to pop your low side chignon once you remove your veil.
4. HP723 Headband
I love this headband so much. If you've been following our Fab Five, you already know my affinity towards headbands, and this is no exception. Made with super delicate silver wire, ivory flowers and pearls, this headband brings such a romantic look to any wedding gown. Wear it straight across your forehead for a free spirited look or with an up-do for a polished yet ethereal look.
5. 11008 Earrings
Let me start off by saying that I am a golden girl, not in the TV sort of way (one day...), but I prefer the look of gold over silver or platinum. Being blonde haired and fair skin, it tends to look better, but is much more difficult to find beautiful gold costume jewelry. Finally, I found a designer who makes amazing, vintage estate style pieces in gold, and these earrings are no exception. Made with Swarovski crystals, pearl and gold filigree, these drop earrings are equal parts glamorous and delicate. These are the perfect accessories to pair with a lightly beaded gown to bring out its sparkle, but not overpower. Best part…they come in silver too.
:: Jordan, Bridal Stylist ::


21 May 2013

Wedding Planner : Yes or No?

The stress of planning a wedding can seem overwhelming, but it does not have to be. There are many options when it comes to creating the perfect event. A wide range of wedding professionals are available to execute your dream event, you just have to decide exactly what you're looking for.

Full Service Planning - A full service planner will handle your entire wedding coordination and design. He/she will hire and meet with your vendors, plan your events, and even shop with you for the perfect dress!

Event Design - This type of wedding planners main focus is to pull the overall look of the day together. He/she is the visual designer to your wedding and will help you, based upon your taste and style to select the perfect invitations, flowers, linens, etc. 

A la Carte Planning - Generally paid by the hour, an A la Carte planner will give you trade secrets and give you advice on the layout of your event in which you will execute yourself. This is a fabulous option for a DIYer.

Wedding Day Coordination - A day-of coordinator helps to make sure that everything runs smoothly. They'll help to set up your event, coordinate with other vendors, and help with any cleanup after the event has finished, allowing you and your family to relax. It is generally a good idea to hire the day-of coordinator a few months before the event, and review details approximately a month beforehand.

:: Meghan, Floor Manager ::


17 May 2013

The Fab Five

1. Lillian West 6302
This stunning lace fit and flare gown by Justin Alexander’s newest collection, Lillian West, has everything a bride could dream of.  Low back? Check. French lace? Check. Bling? Check. Super reasonably priced? Check!! Wow your guests while keeping your budget in check with this gown from the 2014 debut collection…and then blow all the leftover money on shoes!
2. Tejani B137
Looking for a show stopper necklace to complete your look? Consider wearing this crystal necklace to your wedding, and every formal event afterwards! This super sparkly necklace is perfect for the bride who’s not one for big earrings, but still loves bling. Pair it with a strapless gown and an up-do to emphasize the sparkle and some big art deco style studs to match (like Tejani’s Classic Drop Earrings B136).
3. Toni Federici Wysteria Veil
Made with Russian Tulle, the Wysteria veil by Toni Federici has an ivory flower and ostrich feather on the side to give a little oomph to your chignon. This veil is perfect for the vintage inspired bride, or a bride who loves something a little more unique.  Best part, Toni can make the flower detachable so when you are ready to really get down on the dance floor, remove the veil part and keep the fun feather/flower combo in your hair for the rest of the evening!
4. Sorella Vita 8201
Martina Liana is not only a fabulous wedding gown designer, but she also has a magnificent bridesmaid line called Sorella Vita. While these gowns come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors…they are anything but your typical bridesmaid gown. The one shoulder accent can be dressed up or down depending on the time of day for the wedding, and chiffon tends to be the most flattering on all body types.  Even better…this actually can be worn again!
5. Benjamin Adams Charlize Shoes
On the wedding day, a bride shines brighter than any other person in the room, so why not add a little extra sparkle! These fun and flirty Benjamin Adams shoes have all the appeal of Louboutin’s, without the crazy price tag! Make them even more special by adding your new initials in Swarovski crystals on the souls, and surprise your new hubby when he goes for your garter!
:: Jordan, Bridal Stylist ::


14 May 2013

Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance...something you may not have thought about for your big day. What is it? A basic policy that will protect your investments (photographs, videos, gifts, attire, rings and any deposits) and reimburse you should anything go wrong. This type of coverage can range from $150 - $600, and can protect your wedding for up to 1,000,000.00. Be sure to check with your wedding reception site as well as your other vendors first to inquire about what kind of coverage they have, before you make your decision.

:: Meghan, Floor Manager ::


10 May 2013

The Fab Five

Dress, dresses and more dresses!!! After last week’s accessory trunk show, this week I am just being dress greedy. And why not? The dress is one of the best parts about a wedding, whether it’s on the bride or the flower girl, getting dressed up is for a special occasion and playing dress up is just plain fun!
1. Martina Liana 411
Let’s just get it out in the open and say that I have the biggest crush on this gown. The soft sweetheart neckline, the blush pink silk organza and the fully beaded French alecon lace bodice is enough to make a girl go weak in the knees. This gown is perfect for a romantic garden wedding or an evening affair under the stairs. Bring out the sparkle on the lace with Martina Liana’s Ali belt or a Toni Federici Broadway veil and watch everyone gasp.
2. Jim Hjelm 5257
Short and sweet, this Mikado bridesmaid dress is chic enough to be worn after the wedding is over. Perfect in black for a formal wedding, or keep it light and springy with the Pale Pink and give your bridesmaid a look worthy of Vogue. Add a crystal beaded belt to amp up the wow factor or pair with a long strand of pearls for a preppy look.
3. Kathy Ireland KI1325
Who says your mom has to look like Margeret Thatcher  on your wedding day? This gown by Kathy Ireland is worthy of Sofia Vergara walking the red carpet at the Emmy’s, and as far from the Mother of the Bride look as possible.  I love this gown in black, but if you really want to make a statement do the red with a big diamond collar necklace to really give it that Emmy edge.
4. Pronovias Vaiven
This adorable, short gown is made with a venetian lace, and is a spunky take on the traditional bridal gown. For the bride who’s always wanted a wedding gown but never felt quite like herself in a full length, this gown is as fabulously couture as it gets. Perfect for your reception or a courthouse wedding, give it a Zoe Deschanel twist by adding black tights and some high ivory D’orsey pumps. Side note: this gown looks amazing with a dramatic fascinator!
5. Sherri Hill 2984
Dear Taylor Swift,
I found your next red carpet gown. It is sparkly, has a full a-line skirt and is perfect for performing on stage. While this gown would be fabulous with a crystal guitar, Sherri Hill even has a short version for an after party. Please feel free to contact me if you want to wear it, I expect to hear from you today.
:: Jordan, Bridal Stylist ::


07 May 2013

6 Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer and Package for You

 6 Tips for Choosing the Right
Wedding Photographer and Package for You

by Sarah Roshan

1. Personality. Personality. Personality.  - Do you "click" with this person? Remember that this person will be with you all day on one of the most important intimate days of your life. It is so important that you feel comfortable with them. What do they stand for? What is important to them? What do they believe? This will often reflect in their photographs and personality. If you don't like your wedding photographer, I can almost promise you you won't like the end product no matter what. Ask them who they are (not in the photography sense but who they are as a person) and why they love weddings. Go with your gut, it's usually right. There are a lot of talented people out there, go with the one that most fits your personality and what is important to you.
2. Photographic Style - Going back to number 1 (Personality), most likely their personality will show through their photographs. I am a die hard romantic. For example, you will notice my style is very natural and a softer, romantic feel. For me, it is all about the couple, their love, and what their adventure together. A Bride (for me) is not complete without her groom. Other photographers might be a little more dramatic, add more saturated colors, retro filters. Ask them what about their personality reflects in their photographs, and what they would say is their photographic style.

3. Do an engagement session - Often times couples skip out on an engagement session because they feel like they don't "need to do them". I strongly encourage you to ask your photographer if they either offer an engagement session or if it is included in their package. I highly recommend an engagement session (I believe in them so much that I include in complementary in all my packages). It gives you a chance to practice being photographed, it gives your photographer time to play with your best angles and see how you interact with each other, and it give you a chance to see you in their work. When you get to your wedding day it makes things so much easier on everyone. You know your photos are going to rock and the photographer knows you a little better. It's win - win for everyone.
4. Choose a specialist - You wouldn't hire your general practice doctor to do your knee surgery, so don't pick a newborn photographer to photograph your wedding. Weddings are a different animal when it comes to lighting, posing, receptions, flash, people. Hire someone who relies on weddings as 80% or more of their income. They are are used to the ups and downs and craziness that happens, they are used to timelines, and will know the best ways to get the photos you are wanting. A Specialist may charge a little more but they will be worth it (see below).

5. Don't skimp - The average wedding in America is $25,000 - How much did you spend on your wedding dress, your cake, your food, your DJ, your flowers, your venue? You should allow for photography to be about 10-20% of your budget (sometimes more). Remember that your photos will last a lifetime and beyond and all those beautiful details and moments won't look like much with a below average photographer. There is also no substitution for experience. An experienced professional wedding photographer will most likely cost a little more, but knows what it takes to run an efficient business and still make a profit as well as give you an amazing experience and photographs that will last a lifetime.

6. Buy an album in your package - Digital Images are all the rage. Every one of my packages includes digital images, however don't underestimate the importance of a printed album. Our technology is changing so fast that we never know what will be the digital medium in 30 years. Remember that 8 track tapes were the wave of the future at one point and now you can only find players for them at antique stores. Photos that are printed on archival photo paper are meant to last hundreds of years. In the very least print out your photos or ask your photographer for a proof set. You may think you will put yours own together or you will order it later. Life happens, you get busy and you never get around to it. It's okay I get it. Do yourself a big favor and get your album up front.

About Sarah Roshan, Wedding Photographer:
· I am the romantic photographer for carefree, adventurous couples planning their outdoor wedding.
· I was born for the theatre, and the magic of getting lost in someone else’s story.
· I could live on Jelly Bellys, Gummy Bears … and perfectly salted margaritas.
· I always buy two things whenever I go present shopping for my hubby, one for him and one for me.
· I thrive on afternoon naps (preferably outside in a hammock).  And, I love rain… period.
· I’ve been known to ditch work and disappear into mountains for entire afternoons – just me, the fish and memories of Grandpa.
· I believe that all true beauty lives in imperfection.
· I believe being wrapped in one of mom’s hand-crafted blankets, sipping from a hot cup of cocoa, and being hypnotized by a fire that is too-large is heaven on earth.
· I love Dexter.  And, Breaking Bad.  (There, I said it.)
· I believe in play-dates with my husband and getting lost in our silliness, together.
· I believe love is best as an adventure, because surprises should always be shared.
· I believe in falling in love, over and over. Every. Single. Day.

To find out more about me and see my work please visit my website at www.sarahroshanphoto.com I look forward to getting to know more about you.


03 May 2013

The Fab Five

Yesterday was the kickoff of our Toni Federici trunk show here at The Bridal Collection, so this week we will be spotlighting our favorite finds from the fabulous bridal accessory collection. Toni Federici is an American veil and bridal accessory designer out of Washington who gives the classic pearls a twist with her signature Swarovski crystals and makes the veil as memorable as the dress! All handmade in the United States, the qualities of her products are impeccable and worthy of being handed down to the next generation for something borrowed.

1. Lilly Earrings
These stunning dangling earrings are a mix and Swarovski pearls and Swarovski crystals are perfect for the bride who wants to forgo the pearl necklace, but not lose the tradition. These earrings go with almost every gown, and are long enough to make an impression while not overpowering your gowns subtle accents.

2. Gallant necklace
Pearls conjure up the image of a sophisticated and refined lady, so it’s no wonder they are synonymous with weddings. But there is often a battle between the classic bridal look, and the modern direction our styles are moving towards. Fear not ladies, because Toni Federici has created a necklace that combines pearls and bling, and even a little back detail too. Pair this necklace with a low back strapless gown and an up do for little sparkle on your wedding day while not losing that classic look.

3. Tart Veil
Horsehair veils are on the top of my style list for 2012. This playful, double edged horsehair veil falls in soft layers down your back almost reaching the floor but not quite, giving it the name waltz length. This veil is crisp and preppy so pair it with a simple dupioni satin gown or a chiffon sheath with a beaded wreath for an art deco look.

4. Beignet Hair Piece
The vintage romantic look is becoming more and more popular as brides take their venue outside to mountaintops, lake sides and barn settings. This hair piece of gold and bronze crushed velvet flowers is accentuated by Swarovski crystals, giving it just the right amount of sparkle to glam up the old Hollywood style flowers. I love this headpiece with a low chignon and a high neck lace gown in a light gold or champagne and gold jewelry.

5. Meringue Veil
There is nothing I love more than the personality of a fabulous poufy veil. This veil creates a bubble effect surrounding the brides' bodice, bringing out a tailored look with a couture twist. This look is not for everyone, but I adore pairing a short layered veil with a fitted charmeuse gown evoking a 1950’s glamour with a wild side.

:: Jordan, Bridal Stylist ::


30 April 2013

Wedding Registry 101

Get Started Early - It is never too soon to get started on your registries. After all, you'll be receiving gifts for several of the events surrounding the wedding, including your engagement party, shower and bachelor/bachelorette party.
Go Together - It is important that you take inventory on what the two of you already own, compare lists, and create a master list of things that you need to fill in the gaps. If you're having difficulty agreeing on a style, divvy up the final say.
SCAN, SCAN, SCAN! - You can never register for too much! Scan anything that you think will make your house a home. This can include kitchenware, bed and bath linens and accessories, electronics, and even adventures for your honeymoon!
Be Considerate of your Guests - It's best to register at 3 or 4 places, giving your guests a wide selection to choose from, as well as varying price points. It's also a good idea to have your registries available online, for guests who are out-of-state.
Don't Forget to Update - If you have received a gift from your registry, double check that it has been removed from your registry list. This way you're not receiving multiples. It is also possible that items you registered for early on, have gone on sale. This can be good and bad. The items may no longer be readily available, potentially leaving you with 4 plates when you registered for 8. It's best to remove sale items from your registry.
Thank Your Guests - Be courteous. Let your guests know that you have received their gift. A handwritten thank you note should be sent, listing the item gifted to you by name. For gifts received before the wedding, a note should be sent within two weeks. For gifts received at the wedding, a note should be sent within a month of the return of your honeymoon.

:: Meghan, Floor Manager ::


26 April 2013

The Fab Five

This week, I really wanted to highlight my favorite fabric for weddings....lace! I think lace is synonymous with weddings, and never goes out of style. Lace in itself is soft, romantic and can work for any setting or any style of wedding. It's not our grandmothers doily lace any more, and it is being seen  more and more with couture styles  that would have normally been reserved for satin or beading. See the way lace has changed with some of our favorite pieces this week!

1. Lazaro Bridal Style 3308

Are you looking for a classic but dramatic gown? This Lazaro gown is the perfect mixture between modern couture and timeless lace. Made with French Alecon lace (alecon is a fancy French way of saying re-embroidered lace) and a hand pleated silk organza skirt, this mermaid gown hugs all of your curves and still has a stunning chapel length train. Keep it classic with a cathedral length lace veil (like my next Fab Five pick, the Swirl veil by Toni Federici) or pair it with an birdcage veil with a playful feather flower.

2. Toni Federici Swirl Veil

The idea of a chapel length veils tend to scare people, but I love the way they frame the bride in a haze of tulle without cutting any lines in the gown and elongating your figure. This stunning re-embroidered Chantilly  Lace and horse hair (a stiffening agent used on tulle to create an edge without a traditional piping) veil by the extraordinarily talented by Toni Federici  is a beautiful way to show off your gown during your trip down the aisle.  Wear this with a classic lace gown to tie everything together, or add it to a simple tulle ball gown for a touch of lace and a hint of whimsy. Lace veils tend to be a bit more pricey, but unlike the bridal gown, a lace veil can be passed down generation to generation becoming a family heirloom.

3. Kathy Ireland 2BE238

This Jackie Kennedy style knee length gown by Kathy Ireland is sophisticated and form fitting. The scooped neckline gives enough coverage while still showing off your neck and collarbone, plus it balances out the slim fit of the gown. While there is a stigma about wearing black to a wedding, I think if you love it, it's totally appropriate especially when the groom and groomsmen are wearing a black suit. This black lace is layered over a nude lining which really pops the pattern on the lace and gives the dress a peek-a-boo element. Extra bonus: you can also buy fab shoes to show off!

4. Hey Lady! Heel Boy Shoes

Hey Lady! is a cute, and comfortable wedding shoe company that specializes in vintage design with modern sensibility. These silk heels come in 3” or 4” inch heels, and have a little lace detailing at the heel keeping the shoe understated, but still having some signature bridal pizazz. The best part? These shoes are made the NASA developed memory foam and a dancers toe box for maximum comfort and style.  Even better, they have tons of other styles and colors to woo you on your special day.

5. Joan Calabrese 19328 Flower Girl Dress

Let’s be honest, a little girl walking down the aisle is cute enough on her own, but put her in an adorable flower girl dress that picks up on the details of the brides gown, and her cuteness level goes through the roof. This Joan Calabrese dress is adorable and looks fantastic next to a lace bridal gown, and appropriate for flower girls of all ages. With a satin bodice and cap sleeves trimmed with French Alecon Lace, this dress is cute and classy, a tough mix for the under six sect! Bonus points have your flower girl wear it again as an Easter gown and get some extra miles out of it.   

:: Jordan, Bridal Stylist ::


24 April 2013

NEXT Weekend :: Toni Federici Trunk Show

NEXT Weekend :: Toni Federici Trunk Show. Call 720.493.9454 to schedule your accessory appointment and complete your look!